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Working together

Fine foods have been the topic of conversation at our Frost family dinners for 5 generations. Knowledge of the food industry has been passed down through the generations - we have the passion for new tastes.


Today we work together, young and old, bringing all that we have built and learnt from the past and  combining it with all that the present day offers to bring you the best and most innovative food products.

We can't wait for you to join the Frost family too!



Director of Sales & Marketing


Hey, I'm Alex - great, great grandson of Nathan Frost. I joined my dad in the business in 2008. With over 20 years experience in sales & marketing I have created connections with some of the leading names in food today.


Head of Marketing


Hi, I'm Justine. I joined my husband, Alex in the business in 2010 after Pippa was born. Alex recognised the business needed a complete overhaul from a brand and design perspective and saw me as the perfect fit to come in and manage the job. I have an art degree and spent my early years working at one of London's premier package design companies. 


Company Director


Hi, I'm David, Alex's dad. I have been with the business since 1963. My experience over the years has kept the business grounded in its old-school values of reliability, hard work and personal service.

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